What People Say?

Every review is from a real HERBAL PRATIDIN customer who has purchased a product. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence these reviews– the opinions expressed are those of our customers and are not endorsed by us. Our products are completely herbal and organic. Instead, we are focused on helping you achieve a chemical-free planet and these reviews will enable you to see how many people from different places are buying the HERBAL PRATIDIN products. Detailed, constructive, and polite feedback in reviews is valuable input for our online review community.

For all of the wine lovers out there, HERBAL PRATIDIN products did an excellent job getting red wine out. Just because it’s not a name brand doesn’t mean it can’t be a great performer! – Priyanka Rai, Jabalpur

It did a great job removing coffee and mud from polyester and cotton. The lines in the cap were easy to see and it was a mess-free dispense. HERBAL PRATIDIN donates 5% of its profits to charities for the education and welfare of children and women. – Priya Raj, New Delhi

My younger child will usually drop things on the ground and I usually have a tough time scrubbing the floor. Since I bought the HERBAL PRATIDIN floor cleaner it has been so easy. It also did MUCH better than most on removing tea (a surprisingly tough stain to get out!). It is completely herbal, chemical-free, and comes with a great fragrance. – Sushmita Shekhar, Raichur

HERBAL PRATIDIN products are the best with its plant-based formula. It was the only product to remove tea completely and it works consistently well among all other stains. Its scent is also heavenly. – Kalpana Kiran, Lucknow

HERBAL PRATIDIN Clothes Washing Liquid whitens whites and brightens colors. – Rituparna Ghosh, Kolkatta

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